KHK A Cappella Concert

We had so much fun setting up for KHK’s 70’s themed a cappella concert on Sunday, December 10th. We were able to install two pink seats front and center in the University of Michigan Hillel Auditorium. In addition, we printed out our usual blurb to put on each seat in the auditorium. As always, KHK sounded great and were so accommodating to our team!70075E9F-C421-4868-84DA-7D8095719BDD.jpeg

Four Seats at Rackham Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pink Seats at The Friars acapella performance

There were four Pink Seats showcased at The Friars 62nd Annual Study Break Concert on November 17th, 2017 in Rackham Auditorium. Initially, the Pink Seat Project planned on having only one seat in the auditorium until The Friars insisted on adding three more seats to cover a good part of the third row.

It was great setting up the Pink Seats while listening The Friars warm up, and with the addition of some newly ordered pink seats, we were able to create a sleek look to match the venue. As always, we stuffed the programs with more information about The Pink Seat Project and the proceeds from the ticket sales of all four pink seats have been collected by The Pink Seat Project and will be donated to a local breast cancer organization. With the help of the Friars, we are in the process of selecting the organization to receive the final donation.

Two More Pink Seats at the UM Power Center for the Production of Avenue Q

Members of The PSP cut the Pink Seat Covers down to size

On November 17, 2016, two Pink Seats were showcased at the student production of Avenue Q at the University of Michigan Power Center for Performing Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This was the first of three performances took place this weekend, all three of which showcased two Pink Seats in the same center location in the audience. Hundreds of leaflets were printed and stuffed into the programs just hours before the shows making for an interesting way for members of the PSP to meet the production staff crew.

The ticket prices from both seats and from all three shows have been donated to the Pink Seat Project and we are in the process of selecting between two local breast cancer organizations to receive the final donation.

The Rashi School Honors Adam Lassman and The Pink Seat Project with the Tikkun Alum Award

The Pink Seat Project is honored by The Rashi School
The Pink Seat Project is honored by The Rashi School

On May 25th, 2016, The Rashi School honored both Adam Lassman and Gina Starfield at the Rashi Annual Dinner. These two Rashi alum were presented with the Tikkun Alum Award which is given to Rashi alumni who have demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice. Adam Lassman received the award for his work on The Pink Seat Project and its positive impact on breast cancer organizations and its role in increasing community involvement in social justice.

Adam Lassman delivers acceptance speech
Adam Lassman Delivers Speech at Rashi Annual Dinner


In addition to the Annual Dinner, the Tikkun Alum Award recipients spend a day at the Rashi School working with students of all grades and leading discussions about social justice and the importance of giving back to our community.

Pink Seat Debuts at University of Michigan Power Center for Performing Arts

Pink Seat resident enjoying production of Big Fish
Pink Seat occupant enjoying production of Big Fish

On March 10th, 2016, The Pink Seat Project partnered with MUSKET, a student-run musical theater organization, to place a Pink Seat in the audience at their production of Big Fish. The play was a great success with even University of Michigan’s football head coach Jim Harbaugh getting in on the action playing a cameo role. The UM Power Center was an excellent place to debut The Pink Seat Project at The University of Michigan and we are excited to continue expanding to other venues within and around the university.

I was the fortunate occupant of what I saw/believe was the ONLY pink covered seat in the Power Center during the Friday evening performance … I am deeply moved by such a meaningful gesture.

– David Johnson, MUSKET alumni and Class of 1969

A Pink Seat at Newton North High School’s Student Production of Blood Relations

Pink Seat at Newton North High School
Pink Seat at Newton North High School

On May 22nd, 2013, a Pink Seat was in the audience at a student production of Blood Relations. The theater was the smallest one a Pink Seat has been in which turned out to have its benefits. For one, the informational sheet on the Pink Seat was passed around to almost every audience member allowing each patron to read about our mission directly. Furthermore, the smaller environment seem to encourage talking between audience members as I heard the topic of The Pink Seat Project spark new and interesting conversations.

The Pink Seat Enters its First Movie Theater at the West Newton Cinema

Light shines on a Pink Seat at the showing of Paris Manhattan

On May 2nd, 2013, a Pink Seat was showcased at the West Newton Cinema at a showing of the movie Paris Manhattan. A short presentation was delivered before the movie began explaining the origins of the movie and its producers. During this time, the presenter also explained The Pink Seat Project and its commitment to fighting breast cancer. The audience responded with applause showing excitement and gratitude for both The Pink Seat Project and the West Newton Cinema.


The Great Hall, Needham

The Great Hall Concert Series

Every year, The Great Hall in Needham Center hosts a series of concerts with music from a wide range of genres. It has been the honor and privilege of The Pink Seat Project to showcase a Pink Seat at these events. The first event was on March 30th, 2013, with many more shows and performances throughout the summer. The seat has been a great success raising both money and awareness in the Needham community.

Needham Community Council Fashion Show

Great Hall 1
Needham Community Council Fashion Show

On April 11, 2013, the Needham Community Council held a fashion show with clothes from The Needham Community Council Thrift Shop. On that night, a Pink Seat was showcased and featured in the program. Having a Pink Seat at a fashion show never crossed our minds when The Pink Seat Project was first conceived. This Project has proven to be versatile and far reaching; there is now a way for entertainment venues everywhere to make a positive impact on the world.

Jewish Community Center, Newton

The Pink Seat Project Debut

The Pink Seat Project made its debut at the showing of the Annual Comedy Cabaret at the LSJCC Ryna Greenbaum Center for the Arts on Saturday, January 19. The Pink Seat was a success, receiving a roaring applause after director, Barrie Keller, gave an introduction to the project.

The Pink Seat Project has established a strong relationship with the LSJCC. This was just the first of many Pink Seats to come at the Ryna Greenbaum Theater.

Denise (left) presents the first Pink Seat with President and Founder Adam Lassman (right).

Denise, the first ‘sitter,’ expressed her enthusiasm, “I think it’s an excellent idea. … It’s wonderful that we have young people in our community who are willing and able to give back.”

Denise watched the show from the Pink Seat and said it was an experience she would never forget, “I’m glad I had the chance to be a part of the of The Pink Seat Project. I can’t wait until I see a Pink Seat at every event I go to!”